Two years ago, Felix Baumgartner’s attempt to skydive from the edge of space became the highest viewed live event online. The Red Bull Stratos mission, live-streamed by YouTube, delivered 8 million concurrent viewers.

In 2014, we have become even more comfortable streaming live sports and events. It is no longer uncommon to start watching a football game on the TV in your living room and switch to watching it on your smartphone as you hop in a cab to get to a viewing party.

We are in the midst of a major transition, where traditional TV is shifting to IP delivery over a highly fragmented landscape of connected devices. Consumers shifting between these devices and screens makes it increasingly complex to deliver the same reliable viewing experience as traditional TV -- all while honoring the same business rules as TV, serving relevant ads and avoiding that dreaded buffering wheel.

In June we announced the launch of Google Partner Select, a programmatic marketplace built for premium publishers. We followed up this launch with the acquisition of mDialog, a company working with leading media companies to manage, deliver and measure video advertising across live, linear and VOD streams at TV scale. These efforts are part of a broader aim to unlock value for our TV Broadcast and Cable partners.

This morning we had the pleasure of speaking at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum. As we talked about there, we’re focused on building DoubleClick’s video solutions around four key areas to empower our TV partners:

Engage audiences everywhere
Viewers have become accustomed to a high-quality viewing experience on TV and demand the same across their smartphones, tablets, smart-TVs, laptops and other devices. The opportunity here isn’t simply in replicating TV quality in streams delivered to audiences but also in layering abilities unique to digital like true 1:1 addressability for live streaming at TV scale.

Enhance value to brands
Bringing TV-style audience measurement to the DoubleClick Video platform is just the beginning. The vision is ensuring that every impression you deliver is viewed by the right person, in real-time and without wasting impressions in order to deliver guarantees. Brands reach their audiences, the value of your content increases and everyone wins.

Unlock new revenue potential
As viewing extends beyond the living room, we are committed to ensuring that you can replicate the same business rules and deals from TV across video. Beyond this, with premium initiatives like Google Partner Select, we are unlocking untapped revenue sources for Broadcasters.

Simplify publishing
When the technology gets out of the way, you can focus on building content that your audiences love and brands want to buy. This is why we are committed to building an end-to-end video solution that is a part of an integrated cross-format publishing platform.

-Rany Ng, Product Management Director, Video

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