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Last week at DoubleClick Insights, we made a number of announcements across our suite of products, all with a common goal: to re-imagine how ads are bought and sold online. One of these announcements, which we believe help our publisher partners grow their businesses, is the ability for publishers to integrate their third-party audience segments in the new DoubleClick for Publishers platform (DFP).

This is the latest feature in our series of enhancements which puts publishers in control of audience management within the new DFP. This feature enables you to seamlessly work with a data provider with whom you have a relationship, directly in your DFP account. Third-party segments in the new DFP mirror the way they worked on the legacy DFP service, but have an improved billing integration. Billing for the data providers’ charges that you agree on can be integrated directly into your DFP invoice.

Third-party segments are fully integrated into your core ad serving workflow. Once you approve the segments in the DFP interface at the provided CPM cost, they are available as if they were your own segments.

This new feature allows you to forecast, traffic & report more easily; you can also augment your inventory offerings via DoubleClick Sales Manager.

There’s no implementation work, no additional third party pixels and no added latency.

We believe this will all make publishers’ life easier, enable better integration with your sales management tools, make your inventory more attractive, give you more control and give you additional flexibility and opportunities to maximize your revenues.

In the coming months you’ll see more announcements from us as we continue to release new features to help you use data more effectively in the new DFP.

Last week, you heard from Neal Mohan at DoubleClick Insights talk about how the digital ad ecosystem is rapidly evolving.

To help digital marketers keep up with the latest insights and updates from DoubleClick, we've given the DoubleClick website a refresh. We've reorganized the site to do a better job of surfacing the latest DoubleClick news and added a dash of visual style in the process.

What else changed with the new design?

Improved discoverability: 
In addition to becoming a destination to discover the latest news and insights from DoubleClick, the site is gateway for you to explore and learn about DoubleClick’s digital technology solutions. We’ve reorganized the site to make it easier for you to discover and learn about the solutions that best meet your business objectives.

Cleaner design: 
As part of a Google-wide effort to bring you an experience that’s more focused, elastic, and effortless across all of our products and websites, the new site underwent a thorough usability review to help strip out unnecessary clutter in order to make finding the information you’re looking for as easy as possible.

Multi-screen site for a multi-screen world:
We know first hand that users browse the web across multiple-screens and devices. The new site offers a consistent and seamless experience whether you’re visiting from your desktop, mobile, or tablet device.

We hope you like the new site and find it useful, and invite you to have a look around.

On Tuesday, June 5th, at 9am - 1pm PST, we will be live streaming  DoubleClick Insights  -- a series of spirited, thought-provoking conversations about the future of digital marketing with leaders from top advertisers, agencies and publishers.  We caught up with Neal Mohan, VP of Display Advertising, and the host of DoubleClick Insights to ask him about the event. 

Q: Why did Google decide to host DoubleClick Insights this year?

A: Every year, DoubleClick hosts our Client Advisory Board event to talk to our advertising and publishing customers about our plans, and to learn how our solutions could better serve their businesses.  Customers at the advisory board have asked that we share more of our perspective on the industry trends we’re seeing. To share these trends not only with our customers, but with the broader digital advertising community, we will be hosting the first DoubleClick Insights event, live streaming on YouTube.

Q: What will the discussions at DoubleClick Insights focus on?
A: We’ve invited executives from leading agencies, advertisers and publishers to help us lead conversations around three important themes:

  1. How do we better adapt to the empowered consumer?  In a world where consumers are increasingly in control, what do advertisers and publishers need to do to better engage and increasingly fickle consumer.
  2. Where does the ad technology ecosystem go next?  We’ve seen explosive growth in ad tech over the last 20 years, but there’s still a lot that could be done to unlock all of the potential value for publishers, marketers – and ultimately consumers.
  3. Finally, we want to take a look at how all of this technology is being used and ask ourselves if all this technology is leading to better ad creative, or is it just creating complexity that is holding us back.  
You can view the full DoubleClick Insights agenda here.

Q: You mentioned other executives helping lead the conversation.  Who is speaking at DoubleClick Insights?
A:  We've invited an array of the most influential speakers from every facet of advertising and media to join us for DoubleClick Insights. To call out a few of our speakers: Terry Kawaja, Founder and CEO, LUMA Partners; David Kenny, Chairman & CEO, The Weather Channel Companies ; Jimmy Pitaro, Co-President, Disney Interactive Media Group; Omar Tawokol, Chief Executive Officer, BlueKai, Kurt Unkel - President, Vivaki; and many more.   You can view the full speakers list here.

Q: You’ve said before that digital advertising will become a $200 billion dollar industry. Will DoubleClick Insights answer what the next growth phase looks like for digital marketing?
A: I believe that the only way to create real value for all of us is by working better together because we are on the same journey -- whether that’s ad tech working better together, or advertisers and publishers working better together.  There is no single, magic solution for solving all of our challenges, so we need to work across the ecosystem to deliver on the full potential for digital marketing.

Q: Where can I find more information on DoubleClick Insights?
A: You can watch DoubleClick Insights on YouTube on June 5th, 2012 at 9:00am PST.

If you're following us on Google+ or Twitter (@DoubleClick and @DoubleClick_pub), use the #dclkinsights tag as you're watching the event to ask questions or share comments during the event.

Posted by Stephen Kliff and Scott Brown, DoubleClick Marketing

We’re always adding new features to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). The list below contains some highlights. For a complete list, please visit the DFP or DFP Small Business Help Centers.

Available in DFP and DFP Small Business:

Inline Editing for Line Items and Creatives: We’re constantly innovating to bring simplicity and time saving processes to DFP. To help speed up the editing process of line items and creatives, you can now update several parameters of your line items and creatives from the Order Overview page rather than clicking into, and editing each item separately.

Standalone Creative Library: To get your work done more efficiently, we’ve designed the new link “Creatives” on the Orders-Tab. This location gives you access to all creatives uploaded to your network where you can review them by name, advertiser, type and size. When clicking into a creative, you have access to the complete creative object and its assignments, which allows you to make changes without first having to open a respective campaign. We think you’ll notice that this is one more way we’re helping to speed up workflow.

Available in DFP Mobile:

Tagging Upgrade: Many of you have asked for this and now mobile Google Publisher Tags (GPT) have been upgraded to support additional features you’re familiar with from desktop tags such as asynchronous rendering.

Available in DFP Video:

Merge/Removal of Duplicate Videos: To further help with efficiency, DFP now has the functionality to merge or remove duplicate videos. This is particularly useful when using more than one CMS to upload videos into DFP, which often leads to duplicates showing up.

Content Filtering: To help with the organization of your uploaded videos, you can now view them by using the following filters in the Content-Tab: name, source, source name or content ID. This feature also lets you narrow down your results by allowing you to combine filter criteria as well.

UI Enhancement for Displaying Video Content: To provide you with even more controls and insights on your video content, additional information has been added to the Video Content Overview page such as video preview capability, import date and targeting criteria.