We’re often asked to quantify the incremental value DoubleClick Ad Exchange can provide compared with publishers’ existing yield management techniques. According to proprietary research conducted in the first half of 2010, the combined effects of auction pressure and Dynamic Allocation in DoubleClick Ad Exchange resulted in an average CPM lift of 136% compared with fixed, upfront, pre-negotiated sales of non-guaranteed inventory.

In a new white paper, we take a step back to explain how publishers are managing yield across their pool of non-guaranteed inventory today, and what steps they can take to create efficiencies and boost overall revenue. Key elements of the white paper include:
  • How publishers segment and sell ad inventory. How manual optimization processes often fail to capture all available revenue opportunities
  • Dynamic Allocation explained. What it is, how it works, and what it means for publishers’ bottom lines.
  • Auction pricing mechanics. Real-time pricing’s core advantages over the use of historical CPMs for non-guaranteed ad space.
  • A brief look forward. The potential for DoubleClick Ad Exchange and its ecosystem of publishers, technology providers, advertisers and agencies.
Download the white paper.

Posted by Campbell Foster, Product Marketing Manager