Imagine you’re a national news site with a section of your site that is popular with advertisers: a sports section reaching adult males on the West Coast. Since this is a segment that you frequently sell, and thus regularly target your DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) campaigns to, entering the same targeting criteria across multiple campaigns can become a repetitive process.

To help make this process quicker and more efficient for publishers, we’re excited to introduce the ability to save a set of targeting criteria to reuse across your other campaigns and availability forecasts.

Using the example above, the news site would define a set of targeting criteria, in this case a targeting package that includes the site’s sports inventory targeted to adult male users from the West coast, and then save the package “West Coast Sports”.

For future campaigns where the news site wants to reach the same audience, they can simply select the “West Coast Sports” targeting preset that they’ve defined, and all of the criteria selected above will automatically be added to their new line item or forecast.

Your time is valuable and we’re committed to helping publishers complete routine trafficking tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.