Publisher of popular titles like Gawker, Gizmodo and Lifehacker, Gawker Media delivers two billion ad impressions monthly to tens of millions of readers across its eight different properties. Managing ad operations at this scale efficiently is a challenging task. In an effort to increase operational efficiency, Erin Pettigrew, Gawker Media’s head of ad operations, upgraded to the new DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) platform from DART for Publishers. We recently caught up with Erin on how the team is faring following the move.

Operational efficiency increased an estimated 15%

DFP’s intuitive interface and streamlined workflows have allowed Erin’s team to operate more efficiently by approximately 15%. “With more efficient trafficking, we’re booking more revenue in our system than ever before. And fewer screens and simpler processes means we have a much happier traffic team,” says Erin.

Real-time response to client needs
DFP makes performance data available within 20 - 30 minutes of a campaign delivering (compared with 24 hours on DART). As a result, Gawker Media has been able to monitor and optimize campaign performance and handle client demands in real-time. “Being able to confirm correct delivery for a client just hours after launch has given much needed confidence to our sales and account teams,” says Erin. Furthermore, with access to the DFP interface from mobile devices and browsers, the team can respond to customer requests for campaign changes at any moment, from anywhere.

Increased focus on business optimizations
With DFP’s efficiency-driving features, Erin and her team dedicate more resources towards growing Gawker Media. As she sums up, “With the time that DFP saves, we can focus on other priorities - optimization, troubleshooting and improving client relationships - that help further build our business”.

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