We know your ad ops team is busy. Team members traffic campaigns, handle account relationships, manage reports and billing, and promote yield management -- all while optimizing like mad.

That’s a lot of hats to wear, and a lot to worry about. So when we built DFP, we took the same principles of simplicity and ease-of-use that we build into our consumer-facing products, and applied them to the complex world of ad trafficking. The result is a friendly, easy-to-use interface meant to save time and reduce human error.

We cut the number of workflow clicks, consolidated common views, and made it easier to find critical information. Users can now create orders, enter line items, and target from a single screen -- saving time by using targeting presets, bulk edit and global search. DFP Premium supports 5 levels of hierarchy, so you can group related bits of inventory together easily for targeting and reporting.

The result: more efficiency, fewer human errors, less time needed to traffic a campaign, and more time to focus on advertiser needs. (And to move your own business forward.)

Here's what what some of our customers have to say about how they've saved time and boosted efficiency with DFP:

A few choice quotes, in case you're skipping ahead:

"The biggest benefit of DFP premium has been that it’s incredibly, simply, really easy to use. Our traffickers are delighted to be using the tool, it’s just been a pleasant experience all throughout." - Tutuwa Ahwoi, Ad Ops Manager, National Public Media

"In moving to DFP we have a better UI, we have faster reporting, we have faster data input times, we have access across all devices. Those are things that have led to a 15% increase in operational efficiency our for our business." - Erin Pettigrew, Head of Ad Operations, Gawker Media

"DFP has provided about 10 to 15% more of our time back to my team." - Denise Leggio, Director of Ad Operations, Publisher’s Clearing House
If you're already using DFP, we hope you're seeing improvements to your workflow. And if you're about to start using DFP, we’ll be there to help show you the improvements we’ve made.

Posted by Josh Cohen and Beah Burger, Product Management Team