Publishers everywhere are discovering the revenue and audience growth potential of video content. As a publisher grows a video viewership on their site, selling their own ads becomes an increasingly important revenue stream. Over the past year we’ve added mobile capabilities and tested out video ad serving features to better help publishers sell advertising across all screens and formats. So today we’re excited to announce the availability of video ad serving features plus an unlimited video ad serving trial offer to all DFP Small Business publishers.

So what’s new?

Comprehensive video ad creative management
  • Show pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll in-stream ads, as well as overlays and companion creative sets
  • Upload and transcode video ad assets to a variety of formats
Simple workflow with trusted partners
  • To use the video ad management features, publishers need to integrate with video technology platforms to ensure optimal video ad playback and easy implementation
  • Manage your video ads alongside your desktop and mobile display ads in DFP Small Business
Make the most from every stream
Video ad serving is free up to 400K ad impressions a month. Until April 30th, we’re offering a free unlimited trial, so you can serve as many video ads as you want. After this trial offer has ended, impressions over 400K a month will be charged a nominal ad serving fee on a CPM basis.

If you’d like to start with DFP Small Business, sign up here. The new video functionality is automatically turned on for all current DFP Small Business publishers, so if you’re ready to start selling video ads, log in now!

Posted by Andrew Kuo, DFP Small Business video product specialist