At DoubleClick, we’re constantly developing new ways to help publishers provide valuable, highly engaging solutions to advertisers. Recently we launched the new LightBox full page expandable ad - an innovative format to drive greater campaign performance and deliver rich creative options for publishers.

Today we’re adding to our toolkit for publishers with new innovations for mobile and video ads available on the DoubleClick publisher platform. We’re happy to announce new features that make it easier for our partners to create memorable brand experiences for their advertisers and maximize the revenue from all their mobile and video inventory. 

Mobile Rich Media is easier with DoubleClick Studio and DFP
Brand advertisers want a partner that can not only offer them a great audience, but also deliver a highly engaging memorable campaign. With DoubleClick Studio’s integration of HTML5 capabilities with DFP, publishers can utilize all of Studio’s tools to create and deliver impactful, measurable rich media campaigns across devices with ease.

Whether offering a full service solution or dealing with creative built by an advertiser, this integration allows publishers to seamlessly push rich media creative, including HTML5, directly from Studio to DFP. The creatives will automatically appear in DFP’s creative library, associated to the correct advertiser and be ready for delivery on both desktop and mobile devices. Then when the campaign begins, the rich media reporting will appear alongside the basic campaign metrics like impressions and clicks. To see examples of HTML5 rich media creatives that leverage DoubleClick Studio, see our mobile creative gallery here.

Video monetization with DoubleClick Ad Exchange
Selling inventory through programmatic channels can be a powerful method for publishers to increase their revenue from their inventory. DoubleClick Ad Exchange provides publishers a full set of monetization tools to sell not only desktop, but also mobile and video impressions while maintaining full control of their inventory. Publishers can maximize their revenue by accessing Ad Exchange’s video demand for in-stream VAST, VPAID and skippable TrueView formats to sell :15s and :30s inventory.

To learn more about DoubleClick’s technology for publishers, visit our website.

Posted by Marcel Gordon, Product Manager for DFP and Ari Feldman, Product Manager for Ad Exchange