In 2015, 15 billion dollars was spent programmatically1. As consumers move to mobile, more marketers and publishers are embracing programmatic as a way of connecting with people in micro-moments.

“Programmatic” may have been ANA’s Marketing Word of the Year in 2014, but it was even more popular in 2015 — Google searches for “programmatic” were 46% more popular this year vs. last year, and more than twice as popular from just two years ago2.

What New Year’s resolutions could you make to capture this growing programmatic advertiser demand in 2016?

Take DoubleClick’s Programmatic New Year interactive quiz to find out your 2016 “programmatic resolutions”. Whether you’re already using programmatic or just starting out, these resolutions will serve as a starting point for building your expertise, recognizing opportunities and helping your business grow next year.

Take the quiz and find out your Programmatic New Year’s resolution. Consider sharing your resolution with friends and colleagues—it might just help you stick to it.

Posted by Carlo Acenas
Associate Product Marketing Manager

1 AdAge, June 2015
2 Google Trends data