We’re always adding new features to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). We’ll be periodically posting lists of the highlights to this blog to help you stay up-to-date with all of the latest DFP developments. Today, we wanted to look back over the last few months and call out some of the great new features that we’ve released in that time.

The list below contains some highlights. For a more complete list, please visit the DFP or DFP Small Business Help Centers.

Trafficking enhancements:
  • Postal code targeting: Advertisers spend more money on campaigns that reach the right audience. Plus, users find targeted ads more relevant and useful. We’ve added a new level of granularity to geo-targeting and you can now target your campaigns by zip or postal code allowing you to precisely reach users in specific markets. 
  • New flash creative options: Now you can easily create flash expandables and flash pushdowns using our built in templates. 
  • Test impression reporting: We know that publishers like to test their ads to ensure everything is working properly prior to pushing a campaign to their live site. The creative preview tool enables publishers to verify the look and feel of a creative on their site before it’s live, but until now, publishers have not been able to test if impressions and clicks are being properly recorded. Now, when DFP receives an impression or click that it does not count because the traffic source was not a visitor to your site (for instance, an impression that you create on a test page), you'll now see a "Test impression received" or "Test click received" indicator in the trafficking screens to help you verify data is being collected. 
Reporting enhancements: 
  • Additional export formats: In addition to CSV, TSV, and XML, you can now export your reports directly to XLS and XLSX formats. 
  • Improvements to sharing and scheduling reports: You can now invite users or contacts to view a report via email. Having a DFP account is no longer a requirement to share or view reports with your contacts. Scheduled reports can now also be sent as an email attachment and include a personalized messages to your recipients. 
  • New breakdown options: We've added the ability to create a delivery report with impressions for ad units broken out by creative size. 
Usability enhancements: 
  • Faster and smarter search: Needless to say, search is a huge focus at Google. The same has been true for DFP where search has always been one of our most heavily used features. With our revamped search on DFP we're making it easier to find orders, line items, ad units, and placements using the search box at the top left of any screen. 
  • Improved report navigation: The rows in your reports now remain fixed in place as you scroll across columns, making it easier to view and identify information when a report contains a large number of columns. Columns are now grouped into higher-level headings that make them easier to identify (for example, Ad server, Order details, AdSense, or Ad Exchange). 
  • New breakouts in competing line items table: When viewing a list of competing line items, your listis now broken out into two categories to help you better understand the effect the line item has on its competition. Your view is now broken out by: (1) the impressions lost to competing line items and (2) impressions gained from competing line items.
Posted by Beah Burger, DFP Product Specialist