Preventing delivery issues before they happen can be a time consuming and manual process.

To make this process easier for publishers, and to help ensure you know when something happens that involves one of your orders or line items, we're excited to introduce account alerts in DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).

Alerts will notify you when any of your line items:
  • is starting soon and missing creatives
  • is not meeting its delivery goal 
  • contains creatives that have been disabled because malware was detected
The alerts area in the top-right of your account will contain a summary of your recent alerts, and you can take action on each alert right from the notifications menu so you can quickly resolve the issue.

Alerts complement the order and line item tables which provide a complete overview of your ad operations, including order readiness, delivery status, and inventory revenue performance. You can easily sort line items by delivery status as well as show line items that are starting soon. The color coded delivery bars can help you easily identify line item pacing information, including line items that are at risk of over or under delivering.

With these tools in-hand, we hope we can help you catch and fix any delivery issues before they happen.