With thousands of publishers using the DFP and DFP Small Business ad serving platforms, we know first-hand that no publisher is identical. Publishers may use in-house billing systems, have unique approval workflows, or use third-party tools to handle their ad operations.

To give publishers the flexibility to easily integrate their unique processes and systems with their ad server, DFP offers publishers an open API to easily create tools that complement their ad operations.

We’ve seen hundreds of developers build new ad serving innovations using the API, including applications to manage inventory, create orders, pull reports, and more. The API has created a new ecosystem of partner innovations, giving publishers access to new ad serving tools and applications. Two such applications come from
isocket and Shiny Ads who have used the DFP API to build applications that help publishers manage and sell their ad space.

isocket uses the API to create tools that streamlines sales

Seeing the need to streamline the manual steps involved with buying and selling inventory, isocket engineered a direct and self-service ad sales tool to simplify sales workflows. By leveraging the DFP API, isocket was able to build an application to automate sales processes and save money. “We were interested in using the API because it allowed us to eliminate the hassle of manually coordinating campaigns, while still keeping the important parts like publisher control and approval. Integrating with the DFP API has allowed us to make things a lot simpler for publishers,” said Ben Trenda, VP of Sales at isocket.

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Shiny Ads builds application to help publishers save time

To help facilitate publishers’ direct ad campaign management, Shiny Ads began using
the DFP API to integrate its self-serve advertising platform with DFP in order to help publishers streamline their sales processes. This integration has helped save publishers time since they no longer need to manually book sales orders. “Our solution needs to support DFP - our customers demand it”  said CEO and founder Roy Pereira. “The API made integrating with DFP easy for us, and most importantly, easy for our clients. Without the DFP API, Shiny Ads would not have the fully functional solution we have today.”  

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Over the coming months, we’ll share more stories on how our partners are using the DFP API to deliver exciting ad serving innovations. For a complete list of partners who have built applications using the DFP API, please visit our partner directory.