Last week at DoubleClick Insights, we made a number of announcements across our suite of products, all with a common goal: to re-imagine how ads are bought and sold online. One of these announcements, which we believe help our publisher partners grow their businesses, is the ability for publishers to integrate their third-party audience segments in the new DoubleClick for Publishers platform (DFP).

This is the latest feature in our series of enhancements which puts publishers in control of audience management within the new DFP. This feature enables you to seamlessly work with a data provider with whom you have a relationship, directly in your DFP account. Third-party segments in the new DFP mirror the way they worked on the legacy DFP service, but have an improved billing integration. Billing for the data providers’ charges that you agree on can be integrated directly into your DFP invoice.

Third-party segments are fully integrated into your core ad serving workflow. Once you approve the segments in the DFP interface at the provided CPM cost, they are available as if they were your own segments.

This new feature allows you to forecast, traffic & report more easily; you can also augment your inventory offerings via DoubleClick Sales Manager.

There’s no implementation work, no additional third party pixels and no added latency.

We believe this will all make publishers’ life easier, enable better integration with your sales management tools, make your inventory more attractive, give you more control and give you additional flexibility and opportunities to maximize your revenues.

In the coming months you’ll see more announcements from us as we continue to release new features to help you use data more effectively in the new DFP.