We’re always adding new features to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). The list below contains some highlights. For a complete list, please visit the DFP or DFP Small Business Help Centers.

Available in DFP and DFP Small Business:

Inline Editing for Line Items and Creatives: We’re constantly innovating to bring simplicity and time saving processes to DFP. To help speed up the editing process of line items and creatives, you can now update several parameters of your line items and creatives from the Order Overview page rather than clicking into, and editing each item separately.

Standalone Creative Library: To get your work done more efficiently, we’ve designed the new link “Creatives” on the Orders-Tab. This location gives you access to all creatives uploaded to your network where you can review them by name, advertiser, type and size. When clicking into a creative, you have access to the complete creative object and its assignments, which allows you to make changes without first having to open a respective campaign. We think you’ll notice that this is one more way we’re helping to speed up workflow.

Available in DFP Mobile:

Tagging Upgrade: Many of you have asked for this and now mobile Google Publisher Tags (GPT) have been upgraded to support additional features you’re familiar with from desktop tags such as asynchronous rendering.

Available in DFP Video:

Merge/Removal of Duplicate Videos: To further help with efficiency, DFP now has the functionality to merge or remove duplicate videos. This is particularly useful when using more than one CMS to upload videos into DFP, which often leads to duplicates showing up.

Content Filtering: To help with the organization of your uploaded videos, you can now view them by using the following filters in the Content-Tab: name, source, source name or content ID. This feature also lets you narrow down your results by allowing you to combine filter criteria as well.

UI Enhancement for Displaying Video Content: To provide you with even more controls and insights on your video content, additional information has been added to the Video Content Overview page such as video preview capability, import date and targeting criteria.