On Monday, we unveiled news on how mobile is evolving in DFP, enabling publishers to execute upon their multi-device strategy. Today we’re focusing on another high-growth area - video advertising - and sharing what’s possible with DFP Video advanced features. Stay tuned for more DFP and DFP Small Business announcements later this week.

Publishers everywhere are thriving upon the incredible momentum in video advertising. They’re tackling the operational challenges of delivering video campaigns to smart phones, tablets, and connected TVs, as well as pushing the creative envelope with eye-catching interactive ads. A little over a year ago we launched DFP Video, and since then we have seen month-on-month impression growth climb to 65% from non-Google publishers on the platform.

At the recent IAB Ad Operations Summit, we highlighted a few examples of how advertisers and publishers are bringing their A-Game to video. We wanted to share some news about DFP Video that will help publishers bring amazing ads to audiences anywhere.

Amazing ads unlock the value of the engaged viewer
We all know that viewers love to have a choice in what video ads they watch. We just launched a beta for publishers to traffic any video ad as a skippable ad. Why would a publisher want to make advertising skippable? We found that skippable ads on YouTube lower content abandonment rates by 40% as well as deliver more engaged viewers to advertisers.

Audiences want a better ad experience
Advanced Ad Rules and Podding Choices help publishers create a relevant ad experience for various viewer and content scenarios. For example, publishers can lower the number of ads shown to subscribers versus non-subscribers, or choose to show a bumper to promote a new miniseries to audiences watching episodes categorized as “drama”. Publishers have also used Ad Rules to match the commercial break pattern for a new online episode with the ad experience on TV for a set period of time.

Any(where) you want it, that’s the way you need it
We’re indulging in a bit of a Journey moment to share that video ads served to mobile devices in DFP Video have grown 59% month over month from September to November. In a big step towards a more seamless ad experience across all screens, we’re bringing increased sophistication to our HTML5, iOS, and Android Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDKs that show video ads in mobile web and in-app environments. These SDKs will be as comprehensive as our newest version for Flash. For publishers requiring a more plug-and-play approach, many video technology companies have partnered with us to implement these SDKs, so that publishers can work with the provider that best suits their needs.

We’re pumped to roll out our video A-game for DFP. More and more publishers are telling us what they’ve gained from managing their video, mobile, and desktop ads from DFP’s unified platform - so if there’s anything that catches your eye, contact your account representative to find out more.

Posted by
Rany Ng, Group Product Manager, Video Monetization