Our team is always looking for ways to improve the DoubleClick for Publishers platform to make Digital Advertising easier for our partners. Whether it’s making ad operations more efficient or providing more data and metrics for your sales strategy, our goal is to continuously innovate and improve upon DFP. Over the last couple of weeks we announced a series of enhancements to the DFP platform (Mobile, Video, and Desktop) to help publishers make the most revenue from their inventory, and today we’d like to let you know about a couple more.

Conversion Reporting
The value of online advertising is often judged by the click-through rate and number of impressions received by an advertiser’s campaign, but those metrics don’t tell the full story. What a lot of advertisers really want to know is, did a user convert; i.e. did they take a specific action such as make a purchase, sign-up for a newsletter, or download a file? That’s where conversion reporting comes in.

Now available in DFP Premium, conversion reporting allows publishers to showcase the value of their inventory while providing advertisers new ways to measure campaign performance. Using this new tool, DFP users can select specific activities to count as conversions and then provide their advertisers customized performance metrics for their campaigns.

Reach out to your account team if you’re interested in learning more about this new opt-in feature.

Custom Fields
Publishers of all sizes use DFP to run their advertising business and we understand that no two publishers are the same. So, to help our partners manage the complexity of trafficking ads on their sites, we provide a wide variety of fields to organize and package inventory for specific orders, line items, and ad creatives. But sometimes, publishers need extra fields to implement innovative solutions for their clients.

The new custom fields feature provides publishers just that, the ability to create custom metadata fields to manage their inventory in new ways. DFP users can simply define a new field on the order, line item, or creative level and then use those fields to save data, create reports, or map them into DART Sales Manager to be used for sales proposals.

To get all the details about his feature, contact your account team or read about it in the DFP help center.

Bulk Edits
Ad operations teams are the hub of a publishers advertising business. They manage and respond to a constant flow of requests, changes, and new orders for their site, and sometimes spend a lot of precious time making edits in their system. We understand that editing line items can be a tedious and time consuming process, so we build two new features to make modifying your setup faster: in-line edit and bulk line item edit.

The in-line edit and bulk line item edit features were designed to reduce the number of clicks and page refreshes needed to make changes. In-line edit allows you to make multiple changes to any line item directly from the orders page and save them all with one click. Also from the orders page, bulk line item edit allows you make the same change to multiple line items quickly and easily. For the full detail of these changes visit the DFP help center.

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Beah Burger, Florent de Gantes - DFP Product Management Team
Gaurav Kc, Josh Israel, David Plass - Software Engineering Team