This week we’ve been highlighting new DFP enhancements that are helping publishers tackle the challenges of the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape. On Monday we announced recent advances in DFP Mobile and yesterday we covered how DFP Video is enabling publishers take advantage of the high-growth video advertising opportunity. Today, we’d like to highlight a bunch of great new features available on DFP and DFP Small Business.

Our engineering team constantly strives to innovate and improve our platform to make digital advertising easier for all our partners. The following updates are available now to help publishers of all sizes maximize the value of every impression. A complete list changes is always available on the DFP and DFP Small Business Help Centers.

Available in DFP

Master and companion roadblocks for creative sets: This new opt-in feature allows you to create roadblocks where a master creative is always delivered first. Also, master/companion roadblocks give you controls to manage how companion ads are delivered. Set the line item to require all creatives in the set serve together, to always deliver the master with at least one companion, or to serve as many companions as possible when the master is served. Read the full details on the DFP help center.

Available in DFP and DFP Small Business

Google AdMob SDK v6.2 updated for iOS: The new Google AdMob SDK v6.2 has been updaded for iOS and is now available for download on the site. With this release we’ve added compatibility for iOS 6 including adoption of Apple’s new Identifier for Advertising (IDFA). The full list of updates to the SDK can be reviewed on the Google AdMob Ads SDK release notes page.

New Options for Image Creatives: We’ve added two new, optional fields for image creatives.
Alt Text: You can now include Alt Text to better serve your users utilizing screen readers or to show text to users with images disabled on their browser.
3rd-Party Impression URL: Add a 3rd Party impression URL to image creatives delivered by DFP.

Orders Screen Updates: To improve the user experience and improve the load time of the orders screen we’ve made the following changes.
Default Orders screen change: The 'My Orders' filter now reflects orders which you’ve created as well as ones you’ve been assigned to as primary/secondary trafficker or primary/secondary salesperson. In the near future the default Orders screen will become the ‘My Orders’ view and a new ‘All Orders’ filter will be added to reveal all the orders you have permission to view.
Tabbed View for Orders: To increase the visibility of an order’s details, we’ve introduced tabs to the order view. Now, when you navigate to an order you’ll see two tabs: one providing an overview of the order’s line items and another displaying the order’s settings (such as trafficker and salesperson assignments).

Mobile Update: We’ve added a new targeting option for mobile line items. Now you can target mobile ads by specific mobile carrier. Read more about this targeting option on the DFP or DFP Small Business help centers.

Posted by Alex Strittmatter, DFP Product Specialist