The role of technology should be to make things easier, to simplify the complex. Our goal at DoubleClick is to do just that, make digital advertising easier for our partners. With DFP that means helping our publishers maximize the value of every impression regardless of format or screen size. It also means providing a flexible and customizable platform for publishers of all sizes and business models to build their own advertising solution.

Today we’re happy to announce the DoubleClick Third Party Partner Directory available on the DoubleClick site. This directory lists all the DoubleClick approved platform partners who have developed innovative solutions and services for DFP. Publishers can pick and choose from over one hundred preferred partners to extend the functionality of their advertising platforms.

"Joining DFP's partner ecosystem was an easy choice for Brightcove. By plugging into DFP's API's, we can easily offer a turnkey integration with our Video Cloud online video platform to the world's top publishers who use DFP," says Chris Johnston, VP Digital Media Solutions at Brightcove. "Through this partnership, premium publishers can easily monetize their video content with Video Cloud across every platform and device with full IMA3 support for Flash and HTML5."

We understand that Publishers may choose external service providers in addition to DoubleClick to manage their ad operations. So, we built DFP with an open architecture (including our new DFP API, Data Transfer, Mobile API’s and Video SDK’s) to support a vibrant and innovative third party ecosystem and to provide publishers the flexibility to easily extend the functionality of their advertising solutions.

"At, we are constantly evolving and perfecting our Ad Operations process. As one of the first publishers to transition to DFP, we were pleased with the functionality the DFP API offered our internal team as well as support for the third party vendors with whom we work. With DFP and the new API, our team was able to automate more internal processes and enhance and extend our capabilities with third party systems." - Adila Esbhani, Director, Ad Operations,

“We work with a variety of technology vendors at The Weather Company, but Google DoubleClick truly supports our business with its open infrastructure and access to third-party partners. When we upgraded to DFP, many of our preferred technology vendors were already set up, and we were able to easily find, test and integrate new Mobile and Video applications to create our own customized advertising solution,” says Charlie Stafford, Advertising Technologies Manager for The Weather Company. “We have a lot of vendors with whom we work but Google is one of the few that I can say has truly partnered with us to make our goals their own.”

Last year we launched the DFP partner program to provide publishers choice and it’s great to see how much it has helped our partners (both publishers and third parties) succeed.

To see the full list of approved platform partners visit the DFP Partner Directory. Or, if you are a third party service provider and have an application or service that is ready for DFP, please submit your application here to be included in the DFP Partner Directory.

Posted by John Park, Partner Program Manager