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Last week, Curt Hecht, Chief Revenue Officer at The Weather Company, shared his views on on the value of transacting through programmatic channels in a conversation with Rob Beeler, Content Czar at AdMonsters.

In case you missed it, here’s what he had to say:

Here are some of the key takeaways from that conversation:

Programmatic may be an enhanced bridge to additional transactions
The direct sales team works with marketers to identify the right balance between sponsorships and programmatic buys, based on the marketers’ objectives. Additional analysis around yield and commission structures also factor into this discussion.

Programmatic helps smooth sales transactions
Setting up additional channels to transact with marketers has enabled The Weather Company smooth out the sales cycle. While a lot of inventory may be directly sold, in the face of a storm, programmatic technologies allow The Weather Company to fill inventory at times of unprecedented demand.

People are important for success
Curt reiterated several times, the importance of people in designing solutions and products that help meet marketers’ needs. His ad operations team is also critical for yield management, optimizing campaigns and ensuring they meet revenue goals.

Data is at the epicenter of success for publishers at scale
Curt says that publishers need to understand their data and the yield they can get from it. They should then analyze what technology can help them unlock the value of that data.